Dave Jones

Profile Updated: May 31, 2009
Address: Silverdale, WA USA
Email Address: roxannajones@wavecable.com
Occupation: Attorney
Spouse/Partner: Roxanna
Children: Jalen age 9, Sedra age 6
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After graduation I went to work for a company in Louisville for minimum wage. Decided I did not like that shit so I went back to college. Started at IUS and after a year went to IU in Bloomington. First year I lived with my sister Beth Jones and Ellen ____, now Ellen Jacobi, who were three years behind us in high school. After that I lived with Robbie Knable who was two years ahead of us. After IU I took a year off before law school and moved to San Francisco, living with my other sister Colleen Jones who was a year behind us. While in college at IU I went to Europe twice and back-packed around western Europe on a Euro-rail pass. Favorite place was Greece which I went to in 1987. Hung out with some Danish couples and some Australian's who can party all night. In 1987 I moved to Moscow Idaho to attend law school at the University of Idaho and again lived with Robbie Knable who was going to grad school there. Graduated law school in 1991 and moved to Seattle because I wanted to get a job as an environmental lawyer. Times were tough tough tough and nobody was hiring. Ended up working at a 7/11 in Seattle while living with Robbie (again, this time with his wife), Elliot Behre (who spent some time crab fishing, ah la Deadliest Catch) and Lisa Glover who were both two years behind us. Had a law degree and working at a 7/11, not what I envisioned.
I had dated Roxanna in Bloomington and she had visited me in Seattle. When she did I loaded her into a van with 4 other ultimate frisbee players and we drove to Calgary, Alberta for an Ultimate tournament. I had played ultimate frisbee for 15 years and was on a Seattle traveling team. It was a blast and we stopped in Banft which is a beatiful place.
In 1992 I flew back to Bloomington because Roxanna was thinking of moving out of Indianapolis and maybe to Seattle with me. I told her if she decided to move I would drive to Seattle with her. If she decided not to move I would fly back to Seattle. She told me she would move if I shaved my Gotee and I told her I would shave it at the first rest stop on the way out. I shaved it in Kansas (it looked horrible anyway). My wife is of Chinese decent but moved to Indianapolis when she was one so she is a Chinese Hoosier.
Roxanna and I courted for awhile while she lived with some IU friends in Seattle. Then I opened a law office in Silverdale and we moved to Silverdale in 1994. We were married in 1996 at a beautiful resort named Alderbrook on the Hood Canal (now owned by Bill Gates). Floyd Central grads Keith Becht, his friend Curtis, Dottie Corley, Elliot, Lisa, Robbie and Dennis Spanhour attended the wedding.
We had our son in 2000 and our daughter in 2002. Now living with wife and children in beautiful Silverdale Washington which sits beside one of the many fingers that make up the Puget Sound. It is about an hour west of Seattle and sits between the Puget Sound and the Hood Canal. It is also about an hour and a half to the Olympic mountains so we do some hiking and camping. Hope to do more now that our children are getting older. Our children are involved in all kinds of activities and sports so we are basically taxi drivers. Son is in soccer and baseball, daughter is in tee ball, dance and gymnatics. Baseball just ended, thank goodness because almost every night was filled with games or practice.
My wife and kids go back to Indianapolis to visit her sisters this weekend while I go to San Fransico to vist my sister Shannon. My mom is also flying out from Philadelphia and Colleen is coming from where she now lives in Eugene, OR, working for the University of Oregon as a nurse practitioner.
I am now a partner in a law firm with six attorneys and six staff members. This year I will be president of my rotary club which is full of great people who drink just a bit too much.
It is funny but as I typed this out I noticed how many times in my life I continued to cross paths with people who graduated from Floyd Central. My life continues to be full and I am sure I will continue to cross paths with former highlanders.

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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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Dave Jones has a birthday today.
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