Missing Classmates

If you know any of the people on this list OR on our "Classmate Profiles" page who have never logged in please contact them and ask them to log onto this website www.floydcentral1979 so they can add their contact information, or use the links to send us any information you do have.

(postcard was returned 2009 without a forwarding address)
Lana Daughtery Woodruff
Gayle Dimler Bowers
Pam Freidley Hedrick
Tony Heeke
Robin Jacobi Hall
William Mayfield
Kevin Pitchford
Steve Regains
Gerald Renn
Lisa Striegel

(couldn't find since 2004)
Jeff Adams
Cheri Asher Potter
Jerry Denny
Louis Herron
James Keithley
Ricky Warner

(couldn't find since 1999)
Michelle Anderson
Willy Baize
Sarah Boyer Heath
Cynthia Humphrey
Donald Jackson
Debra Ramsey
Raymond Randolph
Julie Smith