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02/20/09 08:32 PM #1    

Mike Hart

I don’t know if some of you understand the commitment Stacey, Cheryl, and Donna have put into our class. I know I don’t fully understand all they and others have done to put together the reunions. I do know that without their efforts we would not have the reunions or at least not the quality of reunions that we have had. I for one would like to thank each of them and any others that have been apart of keeping the class in touch. WOW setting up a website, finding the time and putting in the effort to get this up and running. It shows me they really care about this. Thanks to each of you!

How about a challenge to each new member? If you know someone in the list that has not signed on, call or email them a link and tell them about the site. Taking five minutes to call or email friends we already keep in touch with is the least we can do to help this project work.

02/27/09 06:40 PM #2    

Sheri Smyrichinsky (Shea )

I also want to commend the girls for their efforts...we all know how busy we can be, so even more so, they are super awesome!

It has been 30 YEARS...YIKES! This will be fun!

Looking forward to seeing more classmates postings and pictures!

YOU guys all gave me fond memories of school and I want to thank everyone for sharing my life back then and the soon memories of the reunion.

Please post a fond memory, funny moment or anything about me on my profile. I often wonder how I was perceived back then! I will promise to do the same!

Sheri Shea

03/12/09 08:19 PM #3    

Bonita Balmer (Cadle)

Thanks for all the hard work on the website. I have really enjoyed using it and reminiscing. Hope to see you all in August.

03/24/09 12:21 PM #4    

Denise Traughber (Woolbright)

Dale and I both have really enjoyed getting on the website and catching up on the lives of our classmates. We have heard from friends that we haven't seen since graduation. Great job!!

03/31/09 05:36 PM #5    

Jerry Davis

Excellent job on the website, folks! I don't think there was a better class at FC than ours, and I think this forum definately proves it. Becky and I missed the 25th, but are looking forward to seeing everyone at the 30th. I am ashamed (mostly of myself) though, at how many of us still live in the area, but never see one another. Understandable with families, businesses, jobs, etc., so it will be great to catch up with everyone in August. It's hard to believe it has been 30 years gang. Sounds like we have a great beginning to the 30th and I hope many more will attend! Sooo....

Forget about that extra weight
Or loss of hair and teeth not straight
For all of us have aged as well
And given up on things that fell

It's not about where you have been
Or what you've done, or who's your kin
Or if you think that you're a bore
This gathering is so much more

It's all about those "older days"
When smiles and laughter lit our way
To us, the world was big and new
We all grabbed on and then life flew

So comb what's left of your last hair
Or tuck that bulge, if that's your dare
It's hugs and laugher that we seek
Of friends long lost, our past we'll peek.

(just a little "diddy" to get you motivated!)
Hope to see everyone this summer.
Jerry Davis

04/01/09 03:21 PM #6    

Dan Evans

Excellent poem, Jerry.

I never really intended to go to any reunions, and it kind of surprises me that I've gotten so excited about coming to this one. I've really enjoyed looking through the profiles and e-mailing with classmates that I haven't seen or talked with for decades.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there and catching up!


04/02/09 09:19 PM #7    

Tammy Cooper (Becht)

Wow Jerry! Great poem...thanks for sharing!

Kevin and I are doing well..we are grandparents now! We have Tod's son Ryder, who is 23 months old and Jami's daughter, Madison who is 20 months old. Tod and his wife Susan have another on on the way, due in October. I hope to get some pictures up on the profile soon.

Hope all are well...We look forward to seeing everyone in August.

08/09/09 02:35 PM #8    

Jerry Davis

Hats off and a huge "thanks" to Stacey, Donna, Cheryl and Keith for a fantastic evening! I think this was the best reunion ever, gang! It was great to see old friends and meet spouses, and I hope everyone keeps in touch. And I hope everyone that took photos uploads them to the website for all to see. And as I promised to some last night, I will bring my working 8-track tape player to the next reunion and we can all laugh at the music ........(changing track)........we listened to then!

So many roads that have been sent
To meet us in our days
And faces from those paths we went
Sustains us every way

To touch the ghost of memory past
That floats inside us all
A smile or hug that brings at last
Those ghost from shadowed hall

Hung in the air of laughter's gale
A wisp of memories gone
Along those streams of countless tales
Our lives were set upon

And so as paths do now depart
Dear faces held within
They'll wait within our memories heart
Until we meet again!

Thanks to all, for the great memories and inspiration! Hope to see you around!

Jerry Davis

08/09/09 04:25 PM #9    

Valerie Spaulding (Clunie)

Thanks to all who had a part in getting this reunion together. You did an awesome job! Also thanks to the young girls who kept the cokes filled and made sure the food didn't run out, you did a great job too! I had alot of fun last night seeing everyone. Hope everyone stays in touch even if its through the website which I think played a big part in getting us all together again after 30yrs. Well take care and thanks again for a great evening!


08/09/09 04:44 PM #10    

Robin Banet (Seamon)

Hats off to the reunion planners!!!! As Jerry mentioned above - BEST REUNION YET!!! It was good seeing everyone and wow, everyone looked great! If those that attended had half as much fun as I did, then it was a success!!!! Thanks for a great night! Robin

08/09/09 10:13 PM #11    

Laura Becht (Runyon)

I want to think everyone that helped with the reunion, I had a great time and loved seeing all the smk classmates.

08/10/09 06:32 AM #12    

Mary Pirtle (Arntz)

It was a great time and I enjoyed seeing so many people I hadn't seen for a very long time. Stacey, Donna, Cheryl and all who did a fantastic job! I hope to see pictures loaded on this site to show my family. They all asked about it!!

I had such a good time...Of course I always do!

Crazy Mary!

08/10/09 08:26 PM #13    

Kim Wright (Stevens)

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in organizing the reunion. It was a great success! I especially enjoyed seeing/talking to everyone and catching up. Can't wait to see some of the reunion pics posted, as I didn't bring a camera and would like to have a few to remember the night in the days and weeks ahead.

08/12/09 04:42 PM #14    

Becky Brandon (Davis)

What an AWESOME reunion!!! Thank you so much to Stacey, Donna, Cheryl & Keith, you guys did a wonderful job in putting this all together. I think all that attended had a good time and I know I am looking forward to the next one. Thanks again for all your hard work and I challenge everyone to keep this website's awesome!!!

08/17/09 10:24 AM #15    

Keith Carpenter

Let me clear up that all I did was sign a lease and move some tables. And, although I appreciate being included in the thanks, I do not deserve them as my input was minimal.

All the accolades for the planning for the reunion needs to go out to Donna, Cheryl, Stacy, and Melissa (I apologize if I miss anyone). These individuals put in countless hours of planning and efforts in the execution of this reunion. Thank you ladies for your dedication and time put forth for this wonderful event.

08/18/09 07:59 AM #16    

Stacey Anderson (Freibert)

Thanks everyone for your nice comments posted on this page about the reunion. I'm so glad that we had such a good turn out of classmates, that makes it all worth while, but honestly this reunion was not a lot of work to put together. It was our highest attended reunion to date. The expense we had for holding the reunion such as the band, food, mailing and location were very, very reasonable and because we had such a large turn out of attendees we do have money left in the account for the next reunion. It will be nice to start with some cash next time. I hope to do a reunion wrap up and also an opinion poll through the website sometime soon. There are some photos posted under "Reunion Pictures" see second button on the left. I saw a lot of people with cameras that night so if anyone has more pictures please email them to me at It was great seeing all of you there.

08/18/09 02:23 PM #17    

Keith Carpenter

During the reunion Cheryl made an announcement regarding the FC Alumni Association. I just received an e-mail from the Association (Rex Bickers) regarding the alumni night football game on September 11th as well as some fund raiser they are conducting. I thought I would post it in the event others are interested and not on the distribution list for the association. It also provides information on signing up to the Associaion's e-mail distribution list. See below e-mail if interested.


This message is being sent to you because of your affiliation with the Floyd Central High School On-Line Community at URL


To all my fellow alumni:

Earlier this summer, I shared with you a partial overview of the plans we have for _your_ Alumni Association in the coming year. I hope that you have marked your calendar to join your former classmates for our Second Annual Alumni Night - - Friday, September 11, 2009 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, immediately before the home game against Seymour.

Now, I am coming to you with the biggest request for help of the entire year. Will you help give Alumni Night a permanent home, beside the new Ron Weigleb Football Stadium? We're already well on our way to making it a reality.

This brochure - - - - will tell you the rest of the story.

Once you have a chance to read it, I hope that you will click here - - for the order form that accompanies it, and considering making your order today.

Please call me, or send me an e-mail message, to talk about how this project can be the connection you have been wanting to make with your alma mater.

I look forward to seeing you on September 11 at Alumni Night - - will _your_ name be "carved in stone" there?


Rex Bickers, M.D., FCHS '70

Chair, Leadership Committee for the

FCHS Alumni Association

home: 812-981-8081

cell: 502-558-7741

And a final reminder: if you have never registered and updated your contact information, it remains very important that you take just two minutes to sign in at to make sure we have you accurately in the database. You will need your personal registration number: 3971


Removal Instructions
Please Click Here to remove yourself from future mailings. Thank you.

Floyd Central High School
Online Community Administration Office
at Harris Connect
1511 Route 22
Suite C25
Brewster, NY 10509

09/15/09 10:17 AM #18    

Tim Black

Now that my head has stopped hurting from the 30 yr. drunkfest; I plan on picking up Mr. Wetzel at Clark county airport this Saturday, (weather permitting); we'll be taking aerial photos of FCHS, the reunion site,(hmmm, now where was that), Louisville skyline, Shuperts corner, and I'm open to suggestions for other sites that might be cool regards reminiscing, or class history;
If the photos turn out well, I think it would be cool to post some of them on a public section of this site, additionally if anyone is hooked in to the Alumni site we can share with those folks, I'll pass them along as I haven't had the time or energy to register on that site;
Anyway Mike and I will take care of the photos, from there we'll need to hand them off to either this web administrator and / or at least someone more tech. patient than me, to post;
Let me know Thx

12/01/09 09:59 AM #19    

Tim Black

Added aerial photos of FCHS; will do another run this winter and try to get some zoom shots;

01/18/10 12:03 AM #20    

Michael Latta

I just wanted to say that I regret not getting to know more of my classmates durring my time at Floyd Central. I was shy and a Immediately, following graduation I went to Fort Sill OK. for basic training in the US Army.It was there that I really grew up. I persued a career in electronic engineering.I went to United Electronics Institute on Louisville, Ky. Upon graduation I was hired by a defense contractor in Florida, where I worked for 16 yrs. as an electronics repair technician. I moved back to indianna in 1998-2002 but I missed Florida. I also pursued a twenty two yr career in the Florida National Guard. I married at the age of took that long for someone to propose to me...just kidding..:) I was thirty when my only child--my daughter Andria was born on May 9, 1991. I am now a grandfather and loving it.

I was active in the choir, and Mr. Neely was one of my favorite teachers.

Some of the ones I remember the most are Randall Banet,Kent Keisler, Jerry Renn, Ray Randolf, Greg Stumler, Robert Hargrave to mention a few. I won't mention the girls who caught my attention, but I was too shy to do anything about it. I have hated that about me as that has prevented me from having a large number of friends in my life. I am glad that this web site exist and hope that maybe now I might get to know more of you better after thirty years..I am on facebook look me up. My email is God Bless.

10/21/19 08:28 PM #21    

Gloria Barksdale (Jones)

I just want to thank Stacey, Donna, Cheryl and anyone else that helped put our 40th reunion together. It was so fun catching up with everyone that attended. I think we are at the age where we have no one to impress and can just enjoy each other's company. Most of us have  wrinkles, gray hair, a few extra pounds, illnesses, parent issues and everything else that goes with aging but we can still laugh and have a good time together. I truly think we have a very special group of classmates. We missed quite a few people and hopefully we can catch up next time.

I love you, class of 79!





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